Stephanie Layne – Self-Titled

by Dan Harr
undefinedSometimes a new artist’s CD will cross my desk where I’m liking what I hear, but it also leaves me wanting something more.  Such is the case with Stephanie Layne’s new self-titled album.
When I put it into the player and the first track, “Can’t Quit You.” started, I was floored by the sultry, sexy quality of Stephanie’s voice.  Her throaty, bluesy vocals set the tone for the entire project, and I was really hoping the rest of the album would have the same quality as the first song.
Musically, it does.  The melodies are catching and well-crafted.  However, the lyrics could be a little stronger.  I’m not saying they are bad, and – in fact – the CD is pretty good overall.  But my suggestion would be that Stephanie shop for stronger songs for her next project, which will open more doors for her as an artist.  She has the voice and musical abilities, as well as the looks, that can carry her a long way in the industry.
I definitely want to hear more from Stephanie and look forward to her next project.  For this one, I say BUY IT and enjoy her voice and the melodies.  You won’t be disappointed.
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